Location Options for Fall – Utah Family Photographer

I thought I’d put together a post that has several different location options for Fall.

These were taken at Aspen Grove in the late afternoon on October 1st.

These next couple were also taken at Aspen Grove but these were taken in the morning on October 18th. 

And this next one was at Aspen Grove on a stormy afternoon in late September.

The next several were taken at Wasatch Mountain State Park on September 24th in the early evening. 

The next two were taken at Vivian Park on a freezing cold day at the end of November.  

The next set of photos was taken at Utah Lake on September 22.  We got lucky and had some clouds in the sky.  This location works best on cloudy days.  If there are no clouds the sunset goes very quickly and typically isn’t very interesting.  But if the clouds cooperate the results can be stunning.

I love this little field of dry grass.  It is located just off University Avenue near the mouth of Provo Canyon.  We took this photo on October 19th.

The park across the street from the Timpanogos Temple is a beautiful place to take photos.  This one was taken in August.  But the colors would be fantastic later in the fall.

The next couple of photos were taken at Timpanogos Park on September 24th.

The next couple were also taken at Timpanogos Park on October 25th.

Tibble Fork is always a beautiful location.  These next two photos were taken there on September 9th.

Squaw Peak Road has some beautiful spots.  The next photo was taken there on October 16th.

South Fork is also a great spot for fall photos.  The following three photos were taken there in the morning on September 30th.

Riverwoods is one of my favorite spots.  It looks so different depending on the time of year and which spot we use.  The next two shots were taken on September 15th.

This next one on October 26th. 

These two were also at Riverwoods but on October 7th.

And these two were taken at Riverwoods on November 2nd.

Dry Canyon also offers some beautiful places for family photos.

This was a spot we found up Provo Canyon for a morning photo session on October 10th.  

BYU has some nice spots for family photos.  These were taken towards the end of September and beginning of October.

The next one was taken at Big Springs on September 20th.

Hopefully you saw something that you like.  Utah is such a beautiful place!

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