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Monthly Archives: March 2012

What to Wear – Family Photos

What should we wear for our family photos?” It’s a question I get asked a lot. So I figured it was about time I posted some ideas and suggestions to help out with this all important aspect of family photos. My favorite way of pulling together outfits is to find an “inspiration piece” that has several colors and then pick colors from the “inspiration piece” for all the other outfits. I am not a fan of matching too closely. I like variety and individuality. Here is my favorite outfit combination for my own family photos. The inspiration piece was my son’s plaid shirt…all the other outfits tie into that one piece.

Here is another sample…once again the inspiration piece was my daughter’s plaid shirt…the other colors coordinate with her shirt.Both of these family photos were taken by Stacy Thiot of Red Poppy Photos.

I found a blog that has wonderful outfit combinations.  She is a Houston photographer named Amy Leigh.   If you’d like to check out her blog for more ideas here is her link.

Captured Simplicity

Here are a few of the outfit combinations she pulled together.  I hope these give you some good ideas of what to wear.   As you look through these collections…see if you can pick out the “inspiration piece”.

What to Wear Guides

I found a website that has great ideas for what to wear for Family Photos.  If you’re feeling lost and would like to see some great clothing selections for families check out this website!