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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Second round of Covers – Book Cover Design

Twelve_Stones_coverI have completed two new covers for Walnut Springs Press.    The first was for a book called Twelve Stones to Remember Him by Teresa Hirst.    This book is an LDS Inspirational Non-Fiction book that deals with financial crisis.   I am very happy with how this cover turned out.  I really liked the stones on the back cover and the way the front image really sets off the title.  I haven’t read the book but I would love to some day.


The second cover I most recently finished is for a book called Hope.  It is a historical novel set in England back in the 1830’s.  It was a challenge to design this cover but I am super happy with the way it turned out.  They wanted to have the cover portray the mystery of a fire that had occurred in the past, a letter that cleared a good man’s name and the romance between the two main characters.  So this is what we ended up with.  The image of the couple was one that I took last summer of Makena and Nigel.  The author said they were a perfect match for the main characters.  🙂    Hope will be available at Deseret Book soon.



A new adventure for me – Cover design

I have begun a new adventure…designing book covers.  I got started when my sister Kelly Nelson asked for help with the cover for her 3rd book, The Keepers Defiance.    The cover designer that her publisher Walnut Springs Press used for her other covers was unavailable.  They had a preliminary design for the cover but needed some help editing the dragon.  So I gladly helped with the cover and had a great time.  I changed the color of the dragon, the angle of it’s head, shortened the tongue and put it on a night sky background.  It was a lot of fun for me to do and I was happy to help my sister get a cover she was happy with.




Not long passed before Walnut Springs contacted me again with another request for help.  They had an urgent need for a cover for their author Dorothy Keddington for her book Hearth Fires .   After designing this cover I realized that I grew up reading Dorothy Keddington’s books as a teenager.  I loved them all.  It was fun to be able to design the cover for one of my favorite authors.



I am working on some additional covers that I will write about when they are complete.