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Monthly Archives: April 2015

One Man’s Junk…

Back in High School, I read a book that said something like this… “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  I thought it was interesting at the time and have never forgotten it.  There is one form of junk that is definitely a treasure to me…old fence wood.  I have been collecting old fence wood for a couple of years now and love building things out of it.  I thought I’d share my most recent project, built almost entirely out of reclamed wood.  blog_Reclaimed_Wood_Furniture010I have been wanting to build some office furniture for a long time.  Gradually the idea came to me to build my furniture out of old fence wood.  The only problem was that I didn’t have enough wood.  For several months I kept my eye out for people who were redoing their fences.  I was super happy when I found out that the people who bought my childhood home were planning to redo the fence in their yard.  I asked them if I could have the old fence wood and they said yes.   So a good portion of the wood for this project came from the yard I grew up in, and that makes me happy.  I only bought two items for this entire room full of furniture, 1) a sheet of OSB plywood to use as a base for my desktop to make it sturdy 2) a sheet of plexiglass to put on top of my desk.


I started off just planning to make the desk with the storage crates.  But then my creative juices started flowing and I thought of several other useful items to add to my desk.  I spent quite a bit of time just sitting in my garage staring at the wood while I thought of how I wanted to build everything.  I knew I needed a place to store all my drives and photo gear that used to clog up my desk.  So I build some shelves for those components.


I  had some extra room next to my desk and my husband mentioned a bookshelf might look nice there.  I thought that was a great idea and still had some wood left, so I made the bookshelf and storage crates.  I got the idea for the sign on top of my bookshelf from pinterest.  It was one of the first things I pinned years ago when I first started using pinterest.


The crates are extra useful for me since I use them for people to sit on when I take family pictures.    I even turned one of them into a hanging file folder organizer.


And no desk is complete without a place to store pens, pencils and scissors.


I couldn’t leave the walls bare, so I built a couple of shelves and framed two of my favorite pictures.


For Thanksgiving we spent the weekend at my brother-in-law’s ranch in Nevada.  One of the things we did was go to the shooting range, which doubles as a junk yard.  As I was searching for old glass bottles to use as targets, I found several items that I decided to bring home.


The glass jars, old rusty iron and horse shoe were all items I picked up at the ranch.  I also found this old rusty bucket (below) that I thought would look perfect on top of my bookshelf.    The other good junk came from my dad’s farm in Preston Idaho.


I love my new office furniture!   I love the personality of the old wood.  When I look at the old items from my dad’s farm I am reminded of all the times I spent working by his side.  I miss him and would love to spend a day working with him again.  I think if he were still alive he would love my office too.  He had an old missionary coat that he saved and used as a work coat (see the picture below).  It was worn and tattered and tied around his waist with bailing twine, but he wouldn’t throw it away because it had so much sentimental value to him.    It was the same way with all the other old stuff he kept from the farm.   He used to call  those things his “old friends”.  So I love that I am surrounded by his “old friends” every day.

barn 2

I thought I’d also post a picture of the hutch I made last year.  I enjoyed having my kids help me build this project.


And also the before and after shot of my shed.



I don’t know about you, but I love the way it looks with the old fence wood so much better!


So if you know of anyone who has old fence wood they don’t want anymore, let me know.  I’m always on the lookout for more good junk!

Meleen Family Preview – Orem Utah Family Photographer

I had a wonderful time taking pictures of the Meleen family the other night.  McKenzie is getting ready to leave on a mission soon and I am so excited for her.  More to come soon…Orem Provo Utah Family Photographer Orem Provo Utah Family Photographer Orem Provo Utah Family Photographer